My name is J.R. Woods and I am a writer, artist, and graphic designer. I'm currently working on my first novel and studying design in Austin, Texas. My desire for this site is to connect with future readers, other writers and designers, display some of my art and design, and maybe lure in a few lucky clients.

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Thursday, November 1st:
Two new blog posts and today I begin NaNoWriMo.
Friday, October 12th:
New blog post today! Also, is anyone diving into NaNoWriMo in November? If so, will it be your first time or a return to a familiar friend? Let me know and send me a message, leave a comment, etc. as this will be my first if I have the guts to go through with it.
Saturday, July 28th:
Two new blog posts up today!
Tuesday, February 14th:
Issue #3 and #4 of 'Gotham's Dark Knights' now posted. "Better late than never."
Tuesday, December 6th:
Issue #2 of 'Gotham's Dark Knights' now posted. Also started work on a new short story for my overall book series and began my storyboard wall for the whole series.
Thursday, October 13th:
Issue #1 of 'Gotham's Dark Knights' is now posted.

Latest Story Snippet

‘Gotham Shipyard, Dock 17. 2am.’

That was all the note said on the small piece of paper Jake McGentry had found in his drawer just two nights ago. Even now, Jake still wasn’t sure what motivated him to go. He had no enemies and Sandori wasn’t connected enough to have gotten to him so soon after the bust. Maybe it was intrigue or boredom, but Jake, now standing outside of an old worn down mechanic shop, was wishing he had ignored the note and stayed home.

Why was he even here? How could he pull this off?

Jake saw that a light was on in the shop. Someone else was already there. Was it the masked man?