The Madman Behind the Website


Born and raised in Texas, raised mainly by my grandparents, I split my years growing up between my mother and father.

Like most children of split family homes, I found myself seeking refuge within myself and in my imagination, always a safe escape from the chaos of the world. My childhood was relatively normal, but many times I found myself very introverted due to family issues and my struggles with being born with a cleft palate and all the wonderful childhood teasing and insecurities that resulted from that. In the end, having good, loving people around me and the love of God saw me through the troubling times of my life and I know through it all I have been blessed.

In 2004 after leaving the University of Texas after a lot of soul searching and little studying I met my wife, Amy. In 2005 we began dating, a leap of faith on her part by taking a chance on a man with no job and no degree. In 2008 we were married and in the summer of 2010 I finally received my Bachelor's degree from the University of North Texas.
Currrently I am living with my beautiful wife and our wonderful dog in Austin, Texas and we have both begun chasing after our goals of writing and getting published. Amy and I that is. Not the dog. Though I do wonder what she does all day when Amy and I are at work.

The Writing Monster

Growing up, reading was not something fostered heavily in me. Whether it was because I was a boy or because it was just not much of a priority with either of my parents, my imagination was always my outlet of escape. Needless to say, my punch card of books read is not as full as many writer and even most avid readers, but I've always enjoyed good stories and novels especially comic books as young boy.

Even so, I've always had a desire to create and imagine new worlds and characters of my own, but it wasn't until meeting and marrying my wife that this fire was fueled to read more and maybe even write.

In 2007, bored and alone at work I started jotting down some notes on a message pad for a book idea I couldn't get out of my head. I've always been that boy playing "make believe", but I knew that this was something different.

Since then I have been making notes, creating storylines and characters, and watching my world and characters come to life in my head and on paper. Now, what started as a book has evolved into a full blown series and I am currently working on a short story focusing the backstory of a minor character, introduced later in the series, just to wet my palate and to see if I have what it takes. All the while, still chipping away at the many details and intricacies of my book series.

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