'Tekeshi' Begins... and So Does Writing
Posted on August 9th, 2011

Last night I finally began writing my short-story/mini-novel that chronicles the history of one of my minor characters in my larger book series. After several months of on and off note-taking and research I finally came to a writing point. Once I figured out how I would begin, it was time to put pen to paper... or in my case digital text to a blank Word document. I won't lie; I froze for about twenty minutes as I stared at the blank screen. It's true that a blank page can be intimidating, not to mention the fact that introductions are a hurdle for me in general. Once I did start, things started to move a little more smoothly. I still need to go back and read what I wrote, but I feel like after the beginning, the rest should flow nicely given my detailed twelve pages of notes outlining the story.

So Why A Story About A Minor Character?

Given how big my book series has gotten in my head and in notes, I felt I needed to start small to really test my writing chops before taking the giant task of writing an entire book series, or at least starting one. Not only that, I wanted to get a glimpse of the world I'm creating without jumping fully in, which I'm finding difficult given that I keep thinking of world relations between my story's setting and the rest of the world I'm creating for my book series.

Initially, I thought I would just write a simple short-story apart from the series and test my writing there, but I continually found myself distracted and wanting to return to the world I have been slowly creating over the last few years. I even had a few really good ideas for stories, but too often found myself leaving them behind to come back to my story.

So Why This Minor Character?

'Tekeshi' as we'll keep him called for now, is a character that appears later in the series that eventually crosses paths with one of my main characters from the series. Initially, in creating some of the characters for my series, he was just another guy who I gave some unique attributes to, but from there his character evolved and I gave him some depth in regards to the his interactions with my main character and where their story went from there.

Later, when I first came up with the idea of doing a short-story to slowly wade into my newly created world, I remembered Tekeshi's character. He was unique among the other minor characters I grouped him with and I felt like he might have a story to tell, but not one that would overwhelm me and make me feel like I needed to dive into my world completely. Knowing that he plays a minor role in the overall series, I figured I could work on a back-story that mainly explained how he came to become who he is whenever we (someday) meet him in the series. Also, with his back-story I could lightly explore some of the creative elements of the rest of my world without going too deep.

So this is where I'm at. I'm hoping that I can continue to be diligent and work on Tekeshi's story and finally have something to show the world. Maybe then, with some positive feedback, I can feel hopeful about the overall book series and work on conquering that beast.

For anyone, inside or outside my social sphere, that has questions or just wants to talking about writing, feel free to contact me. Of course I can divulge too many details about Tekeshi's story or my overall series, but I'd be happy to talk to anyone interested. I'm no published or accomplished writer, just a guy with an idea and a story to tell. The whole thing is crazy, but I've gone past the point of no return.

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