Off to the Races
Posted on August 15th, 2011

This weekend I had the chance to review the few pages I had written for Tekeshi's story and cleaned it up a bit. Thankfully, I didn't find it revolting upon a second glance and only made a few minor changes to improve it (IMO). Also, I finally let "the world" see what I was and have been working on for so long now. And when I say "the world", I mean Amy, my wife. Most of you might think, well of course you'll get a good review from your wife, but that's not the case.

My wife is the type that can be brutally honest (a good thing most times, but sometimes fuel for some "interesting" arguments between us), not to mention well-read, an English major, a former English teacher, and a lover of all things literature. So no, I was not going to be getting off easy. Thankfully, I received a fairly positive review from her, especially given my specific genre is not one she is typically a fan of. Minus a few grammar and structure edits she says I need, she had positive things to say. For me, that's all I needed. If anything, I was mainly looking to see if there was a glimmer of talent there or if I was like one of the misguided awful singers on American Idol who had no idea they were awful. I figured, her review and thoughts would be the green light to either continue or abandon all this work thus far... though part of me thinks I still might not have given up, it just would've been harder to go from awful to good and then write.

So while this summer has been filled with extreme temperatures and extreme laziness to go with it, today I start a new regimen of discipline for writing and getting back into shape. Physical and mental work. As school season begins yet again, I'm creating my own course schedule. Writing and working out.

Hopefully, Tekeshi's story will really take off from here. Then it will be trying to find a way to copyright it and be able to post it online without anyone stealing it as their own. Hope to share it with you all soon.

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