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Posted on October 3rd, 2011

It may be glutten free, but you can’t eat it… and it won’t eat you either.

Way back in the day, when newspapers were in fact just paper, one way writers presented new stories to readers were through weekly serials. These were sort of short-stories or chapters from longer stories. For some more notable authors like Charles Dickens, these serials later became full on books, generally collecting all the serials into one.

Fast forward to today and most, if not all of our reading is done online. Whether it be news, texts, or books. In thinking about the old style of weekly serials and today’s age of technology and constant new material, I thought to myself; why not create a serial of my own. I figured this idea would cover a few streams.

1. New and consistent content for my site and for you, the reader.
2. Something quick I could manage without a whole lot of stress and would allow me to write consistently.
3. A way of sharpening my teeth in the writing world while I continue my own unique stories that aren’t ready for the masses.
4. Lastly, a way to let some of the creative juices to flow rather than keeping them locked away in my head.
So What’s the Story?

In light of the new Batman film coming up, I’ve decided to make this series a sort of fan fiction based in the DC Batman universe. With the introduction of Bane into Nolan’s trilogy, I’ve taken some of the aspects of that story line in the Batman universe, mainly focused on the comic timeline surrounding ‘Knightfall’. For those unfamiliar *spoiler* after many encounters with Batman, Bane breaks the back of Batman and thus he unable to continue as Batman. This of course leads to Gotham’s need for a new/temporary Batman. In the ‘Knightfall’ series, the role of Batman is assumed by another hero, Azrael (Jean-Paul Valley). Long story short, Batman recovers and Jean-Paul ceases to be Batman. To learn more about the ‘Knightfall’ series click here.

So, in an attempt to mimic the sort of gritty realism of Nolan’s Batman universe and throw in some of my own creative pull from the various Batman realms (TV, films, comics), I thought I would take a different spin on the ‘Knightfall’ story. Without giving too much away, Batman is now gone and Gotham City begins to slowly spiral out of control as criminals, crime bosses, and villains know that it’s open season on the city. Desperate for a hero and the restoration of order that only Batman, or at least the symbol of Batman, can bring; three of the Major Crime Unit's (MCU) best officers are recruited to secretly take on the role of Batman when off-duty. With limited time, resources, and know-how the three must figure out how to not only look like Batman, but also to act like and be Batman so that Gotham is convinced that their dark hero has returned. Will Gotham’s citizens and criminals be convinced? Can the three act as one? And will the real Batman ever return?

So Why Batman?

First off, Batman is awesome! Secondly, the Batman universe is already created and allows me the freedom to write without too much stress of character creation, back-story, and world building. Lastly, it’s safe. If it totally sucks, who cares? I don’t lose out on all the time spent on a completely original work involving the above mentioned aspects of creation. Another safety of it all is that I’m providing this totally for free. What if I write a completely original story and it’s completely awesome and people love it? With Batman, I don’t lose anything because Batman is not mine. I couldn’t make money from it, even if I wanted to. That is, unless DC or someone like Bruce Timm wants to pick this up as some sort of animated mini-series… *cough, cough*

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