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Posted on October 3rd, 2011

So after a summer of one hundred plus degree days, things are slowly starting to cool down here in Texas. Needless to say, the cooler temperatures revived me a bit and I started working on my mini-story detailing the back-story of one of the minor characters in my larger book series [see previous posts to learn more].

Once again, I hit another wall... or two rather. The first wall and still stubborn wall is fear. While a mini-story in the larger world of my story, it’s hard to not think about the whole story and all it’s characters and for me that can be overwhelming. Ultimately, as my wife put it, I need to just write… thus, my newest project as I continue to work on ‘Tekeshi’. The second wall, which I’ve recently conquered, was sickness. Now, well and with temperatures just topping out at ninety, I have a second wind to continue on.

While I’m still working through that first wall of fear with ‘Tekeshi’ and my main story, I’ve been desperately wanting to write something and create something… not to mention really launch this site to the masses and advertise a little. Thus, I did a little dusting off of my site and have found a nice little side project to keep myself writing and to keep my site up to date and the content fresh and new.

As part of this newness, I’ve moved my “Stories” page (for the few that ever knew one existed) over to Blogger since SnapPages currently only allows one blog per site. Given the nature of my side project, I felt like a blog format would best suite the new content hopefully coming soon to the “Stories” page, now titled “Stories and Creative Works”, rather than a simple page.
Look for a new post coming soon detailing this new side project of mine.

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