Issue #1 Coming Soon...
Posted on October 10th, 2011

Just one final review from my wife and hopefully I will have “Issue #1” ready to post. I went back and forth as to how to name each one. I thought about using the word “episode” or “chapter”, but to me they sounded like you were either going to view an online video or read something that was part of a whole book. Ultimately, it’s sort of a hybrid much like a comic book, thus I settled on “issue”. Though as a side note, I think this would be really cool as an animated series.

For those hoping for something completely original from me, I apologize. While I am working on original stories for my own book series, I wanted to start something fun to share. What better world to explore than the world of Batman. Also, as a new writer I wanted to practice the craft and get real life constructive feedback. What do you like or dislike? Are the characters and story understandable and relatable? What do you think of style and flow?

So think of this as reading my warm-up exercises… that I also take the time in reviewing, revising, and getting edited.

I’ll try to keep them short and sweet, but some storylines may require multiple parts as my brain kind of gets fired up in thinking about these stories and the general storyline I have in mind. Plus, who doesn’t get annoyed and jazzed up at a “to be continued”, right?

Stay tuned for “Issue #1: Questions, Part 1”

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