Gotham's Dark Knights
Posted on October 13th, 2011

"Issue #1: Questions, Part 1" is now posted!

Read it here.

Also, feel free to comment and ask question. I'd love to have some constructive feedback. If you love it, hate it, think it's just okay; let me know and why. What works and what doesn't?

As mentioned in previous posts, this is a fun escape for me outside my original writing. I get to play around in a world and with characters I don't have to create (though some creation has happened and will happen).

Also, it's a fun outlet to share some of my writing and work on the craft of writing itself. I'd love to connect with readers and Batman fans alike, and one day (hopefully) I have some of my original works out there. Then you can be that guy or gal that says, "Hey, I used to read that guy's goofy little online Batman shorts."

Take care and enjoy!

P.S. Fear not, I will finish an original work some day. As my wife begins her Graduate schooling next year, I've been charged with the task of getting at least one book in the bag by her graduation. Published is a whole other beast, but even if I never get published and have to host all my books online for free, they will see creation and completion.

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