Batman and Freebies
Posted on November 16th, 2011

The Future of ‘Gotham’s Dark Knights’

Despite my brief hiatus, my Batman series will continue. Part of my delay was that I was not too happy with part two of issue #1, “Questions” and have been sort of racking my brain on what to do about it. The debate has been either to scrap it completely and make issue #3 part two or rework issue #2 to be a little more interesting. I’m leaning towards the later. Also, I was gearing up for my vacation to San Diego (pictures to come soon) and really wasn’t in the writing (or working) mood. Now that I’m back, I’m ready to write again before another inevitable slump, the holidays. So fear not boys and girls, more Batman to come. And another note, the issues are going to get longer. While I first tried to save people from having to read really long stories since we now live in a 150 character or less/text speak world, I realized if I was going to tell any good Batman stories, I’d have to go a little bit longer. That or drag out each story-line across several issues and parts. While a “to be continued…” can be fun from time to time, I felt like several of those in a row would get cumbersome. Plus, since I have no idea if anyone is reading these things or not and it’s just for fun, why not do what makes me comfortable, right?


So after attending the Texas Book Festival last month I’ve learned a few more things about writing, publishing, and self-marketing. One of the big tips (which I’ve heard before) was to give “stuff” away, a.k.a. “freebies”! No, this doesn’t mean actual stuff (iPads, money, cars, etc.) unless you want some old underwear or chewed up dog toys. What it means is my writing. Having heard this before, I thought that my Batman series would suffice as a worthy offering to the self-promotion gods, but as I learned there’s need for more. While there’s an empty feeling I get in my stomach in thinking about offering my first book (whenever it’s finally written) online for free, I thought that maybe I could create a compromise.

There are a few short stories rolling around in my head that give background and context to some of the characters and storylines of my book series. My thoughts are to give these away for free. So instead of picking up everyone’s bar tab, it’s more like just buying a few rounds for the bar; a possible win for everyone. You get something for free and my generosity hopefully buys your love. “I’m just a writer, standing in front of the internet, asking it to love me.”

So, luckily for all you freeloaders (:P) a great little story came to mind on the plane ride back to Texas last week, so I’m looking forward to starting that and reworking issue #2 of ‘GDK’.

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