Up and Running with Issue #2
Posted on December 6th, 2011

At last, issue #2 is now posted. As I posted a while back, I think in order to not take forever on each storyline each post will be a little longer than the first, but I will do my best to tell a good story without going on forever or breaking it up over several parts.

In this issue we get a little more insight on what has happened to Gotham City and what seemingly has Commissioner Gordon in the hot seat. We also get a slight hint of what might be in store for Gotham and the Gotham City Police Department.

I’m already working on issue #3 and unlike issue #2, I feel pretty good about it on the first go around, just need to wrap it up. As a teaser, issue #3 will introduce us to one of the main characters of this fan fiction series. Stay tuned!

Click here to read issue #2 of ‘Gotham’s Dark Knights’. Enjoy!

P.S. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you know I goofed and called it ‘Batman: Dark Knights’… while it has a good ring to it, I still like ‘Gotham’s Dark Knights’ as it better portrays the state of Gotham City in this series as well as the solution to reclaim the city.

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