It's February, Where'd Batman Go?
Posted on February 2nd, 2012

So back in my first post of the year I said my goal was to post two new Batman stories a month for my 'Gotham's Dark Knights' series. It's February 2nd... oops!

In my defense, January was a very busy month. I was distracted by several things such as Clockwork Con that I attended two weeks ago (see previous post for details) and found it hard to disconnect from the steampunk world and focus on my Batman series. I also had the chance last weekend to see the Broadway musical, 'Wicked' here in Austin. Thankfully, Amy and I were treated to this amazing show, but I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone who has a chance to see it. Even if you're not a musical fan, it's a great show and makes me wish I had more money to go to the theatre more often. Hell, even the movie theater hurts my wallet.
Despite all that, I can positively report that Issue #3 is in fact complete, but just requires editing from my in-house editor, Amy. I'm also about a third done with Issue #4 and I think I can finish that one out fairly quickly. I am debating on cutting back to one per month rather than two, but at the same time I feel that it would drag the story out too much unless I left some gaps or wrote really long stories. Knowing my crazy, chaotic mind that gets distracted easily sometimes I think I will continue to aim for two per month, but at least make a strong effort to post one good issue for the masses. I still wish Bruce Timm read this blog and could step in and pick this up as a cartoon series. I see it in my head and while not specifically Batman, I think it could have a market with the new Batman film coming out this summer. Think about it, how many Star Wars advertisements and marketing ploys are you seeing just because they're re-releasing the prequels in 3-D?

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