Showing Some Love, Batman Style
Posted on February 14th, 2012

No, not like that you dirty minded individuals-- but it is Valentine's Day and and what better way to celebrate the designated day of love than with some explosions and ass kicking.

I’m finally posting the two new ‘Gotham’s Dark Knights’ issues I promised last month. In these two issues we get introduced to a few new characters, some original and others my own interpretation of existing characters from the ‘Gotham Central’ comic series. Don’t worry, there’s no need for background knowledge as the stories and characters stand alone apart from the comic, but if you want to know more feel free to contact me or use the Google machine.

Also, the next few weeks until Spring Break, mid-March, look to be really busy—but I will try to crank out one more issue before the month is over and maybe have it posted before March, or at the latest, before Spring Break.

Looking at what I have so far, I’m trying to work out a way to quickly move the overall story forward to have more Batman-esque stories rather than a lot of background on how my three characters take on the role and responsibility of being Batman. The only problem is that I feel it’s necessary to tell their story since they’re in a different situation than Bruce Wayne who had the time and means to become Batman. This is where in film or animation a good montage would come in handy—show a bunch of stuff happening over a long period of time without using a lot of time to talk about it or show it. So in a way, think of this time in the series as part of the origin story and hopefully I can get to some juicy Batman-style stories soon; I have a few thought out already.

Since I have Blogger set to display the most recent post, I’m posting the specific link to each issue below instead of a general link, but if you navigate there from the ‘Stories and Creative Works’ button at the top of the site-- just scroll down to Issue #3 first.

So without further delay:

Note: 1,000 Internet Points to anyone who can follow my nerdy train of thought in how I came up with the title's for both of these issues. Hint; one is already part of a quote and the other is referenced within the story. Enjoy!

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