Spring Break and What's Upcoming
Posted on March 16th, 2012

Well SnapPages just recently revealed its Blog 2.0 and I'm here to try it out. While it's more clean and neat, it's still missing a spellcheck feature which I desperately need-- at the very least, I'd like a format that will give me the red squiggly via the browser's spellcheck. Oh well, still one of the better easy-cheesy website builders I've come across that produces a nice site, if I do say so myself.

Just to give an update, this last week has been a much needed break for me as I took advantage of working at a school and taking the Spring Break holiday off. While I still have to use my earned time off, it has been worth it-- if anything, just to rest. 

If you follow me on Twitter you know that I just finished plotting out Book 1 of my 4 part steampunk series. Now comes the hard part... writing! Honestly, after making it through the work gauntlet that has been the last two months and taking a week off, I think I'm ready to tackle such a task. For the official record, I am not ready and I will not be writing a steampunk story... and Batman is over. I only say that because I read an article recently that says that writers who tell others or announce something they are working on often do not complete the project or procrastinate starting and/or completing it. I think this also applied to other types of resolutions such as working out, losing weight, etc. The author said that many times just announcing it to others gives the person a false sense of accomplishment or completeness-- basically saying, you've most likely gotten praise or encouragement (whether genuine or empty-gestured) and thus convince yourself that something has been accomplished and can then skirt your obligation to the actual task; in this case, writing.

Seeing that I definitely fall into this trap I've decided to fight back and say that I am not writing a steampunk story, I will not write anymore Batman stories, and I will not be stricter about my writing after Spring Break.

And speaking of Batman, I am currently not trying to figure out the next story that progresses the series in a more interesting and action-oriented direction, while giving readers the necessary background of how our heroes come take on the persona of Batman. 

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