Gotham's Dark Knights - New Issue and Updates
Posted on April 17th, 2012

Issue #5 is now posted! Beware, it’s a long one. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that, but I think it’s worth a read. Just think of it as getting two stories for the price of one… even though it is just one story and it’s all free.

I thought of splitting into two parts, but it’s just not that kind of story and frankly this issue kicked my butt a little bit. Not to mention, posting from Word to Blogger can be a pain in the ass given all the paragraph breaks for dialogue and italicized parts for internal dialogue.

My first problem was trying to come up with a way to take a first meeting of all our characters and make it interesting enough to read. I had the concept for this issue a long time ago, but after the first 4, I felt this one lacked some entertainment and action in comparison; hopefully that’s not the case now. Secondly, in an attempt to add some tension in this issue I played with a new writing style that involved different character perspectives—you’ll see what I mean when you read it.  In doing this, I created for myself the difficult task of having to keep track of the pacing and action playing out in each perspective so that, hopefully, it would flow and connect nicely when it all came together. Lastly, I had the juggling act of bringing four main characters into one scene. Up until this point, I’ve only focused on one or two main characters interacting in a scene with maybe a couple of minor characters in the background. The fear here was having someone seem left out or non-existent. I tried to just let the scene flow and I think it came together well—playing to the characteristics we’ve briefly seen of each character.

So what does the future hold for our heroes? Well, if you read my previous post from today, “What’s Been Going On”, you know that I’ve been chipping away at an original steampunk story. I’m nearly to the point of starting chapter 1 and I’m not sure if this Batman issue took as long as it did due to fear and procrastination in actually starting a real book or my mental focus split between what I was working on and what was coming up? Since this issue is done and has set the stage for the characters to start to delve into what is to be Batman, I think it’s a good place to take a hiatus and focus on my steampunk story.

This is not to say that I’m hanging up the cape, but rather shifting my focus. For kicks, I still feel invested in this little series, even if it will never see any profit for me. In saying that, I also don’t want it to just sit and collect dust either. Without giving away too much, this issue sets up the base for what the future may be for the characters, but there’s a lot of work to be done before they can take on Gotham as Batman. So to keep ‘GDK’ alive and well while I shift gears in my writing, I will be sporadically creating journal entries for each character as they work towards bringing a Batman back to Gotham. Will they be ready by the time their first true test comes?

Click here for Issue #5

And don't forget to check out Issues 1 - 4 if you missed them. Thanks for reading.

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