It's Possible to Have Too Much Mojo
Posted on August 13th, 2012

As someone who is doing a lot of learning as I go in my writing, one of the biggest challenges I tend to come up against is knowing how to describe what I see in my head and how to write it well. Dialogue, I feel comfortable with because I’m just writing down what my characters are saying as I sit back and watch, but it’s weaving that together with description and emotion that proves the most challenging. How do I show the reader not only what is being said, but also what is being seen and felt?

Thankfully I have my wonderful wife, the avid reader and English major, to be so gracious enough to help me edit and polish up the writing I send her way on an infrequent basis. Not only is she my honest editor, she is also my resource and teacher as I learn the little nuances of writing. Story, plot, and character I understand from my love of film, but I’ve come to realize that writing a book is its own beast and not just the longer director’s cut version of the movie. Rules, styles and luxuries one has in film are not always the same in writing and vice versa.

As I mentioned above, I tend to have trouble knowing the right way to say something in my writing and every once in a while I catch myself describing the same thing in two different sentences and in two different ways. Thanks to a Facebook post from one of my sisters I was reminded of a cartoon character whose character and style of speaking exemplifies this problem. While I’m not this severe when it comes to writing first drafts, this video did provide my inspiration for this post… this post which you are reading now on my blog, my blog which informs you of the things I am telling you on the internet where my website is located and where you can find other websites and writings of people. :)
P.S. I know it’s 'Power Puff Girls' and my excuse is that I was a good older brother and any older sibling worth his or her salt watches the more entertaining shows of their younger sibling(s) while ignoring and/or judging the poorer quality shows and movies in which they watched.

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