Thoughts from Coyote Con
Posted on November 1st, 2012

Last weekend my wife and I had the privilege of attending Coyote Con, an online writer’s and reader’s convention hosted by author, Joely Sue Burkhart. The convention was originally started by Drollerie Press back in 2010, but after the press closed Burkhart kindly and wonderfully took over the reins of the convention.

I think one of the coolest parts of the whole thing was that it was completely free and all online through scheduled chat sessions with various authors and publishers with each session set up just like a real life, in person panel. Topics from the convention included; self-publishing, diversity and multi-culturalism in writing, and focus on various romance and non-romance writing in genres like Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Steampunk, along with other great writing topics.

While a majority of the authors and attendees were focused more on the romance aspects within the various genres, there was a lot to be learned, even from the genres I was less familiar with and may never tackle. While I was definitely in the gender minority, the atmosphere was very welcoming and I could tell there was a desire to bring unity and collaboration between genres and genders. In fact, one of the main reoccurring topics throughout the weekend was the ever evolving and blending world of genres. How do we label our work to appeal to the widest audience, how can certain labeling make or break an author, and how do we bring readers together when genres do blend? This especially true when that blend involves romance and/or erotica with the more “non-romantic” genres such as Sci-Fi, Horror or Fantasy. Though, in truth even the more “manly” of genres involves some level of “romance”, even if it’s two-dimensional.

Overall, one of the coolest things was being able to do this with my wife. While not exactly the swoon-inducing romantic weekend some of the convention writers would write about in their stories, we both had fun lounging around and camping out with our laptops all weekend – yes, we’re nerds like that. Sometimes we’d hit up a panel together and other times we’d attend different ones and swap notes afterwards. At the end of the day, male or female, romance (and/or erotica) focused or not, it was well beyond my expectations. Not to mention, the ability to attend an event like this in my pajamas was a major plus.

Oh, and special thanks to Cindy Spencer Pape and Ciara Knight for the eBook freebies I won for being a part of their panels. Who knows, maybe a romance story will be in my writing future… or at the very least some valuable insight in writing for a female audience.

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