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Posted on September 1st, 2013

So I’m thinking of expanding this thing, now that an old flame, art, is back in the picture—don’t worry, Amy is down with it. 

After my summer art class I forgot how much I truly enjoy hands on art and drawing. I still really enjoy working on and creating digital art and graphics, but there’s just something special about creating something with your hands and a bit of lead/graphite (Summer’s class was just B&W pencil). All in all, this, artistic stuff, was what I was meant to do. It has always been a passion, but my relationship with it has been like a bad teen romance where the kids are from different families or opposite sides of the track, etc. You know the formula: forbidden romance, foolish decisions to please the status quo, long drawn out drama, etc.

Again, this isn’t replacing writing, it’s just where I am right now and it’s where my strengths lie. If anything, my stories are still rolling around in my head and getting internal refinement with time and distance. 

For now I’m still not sure where my art will go. I’ve created a new page temporarily, but am thinking about hosting the few pieces I have on some free format like DeviantArt or CGHub. I’m not quite to the point of creating (and buying) a whole new site just for the little art I have, but at the same time don’t want to go with some limited, free website creator or hosting service.

Plus, I want to keep this site flavored to the style of writing I’m working on rather than reigning it in to some minimalist design that is better suited for displaying art.

All this to say, I’m still exploring my options… and maybe working on a logo/brand for myself, at least for my alter-ego as an artist/graphic designer. Don’t worry, I won’t go all Garth Brooks/Chris Gaines on you people. 

Garth Brooks = Chris Gaines.

Another example of showing my age. No one really understands why this happened or what was going on, but it happened nonetheless.

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